I photograph fun and adventurous people in love. I capture the intimate and authentic in-between moments, the love in your doting eyes, and the joy that radiates when you two are together.

So whether it's your small intimate backyard wedding, your destination elopement, or your large 300+ guests wedding, I will drive/fly anywhere to help tell "The Story of Your Love."

Clients call me "Ninja" at events, because I move swiftly and silently when I have my camera in hand- like a whisper in the wind. 

I recognize planning an event takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of details go into a thoughtful event, and the last thing you need is a distraction that takes attention off your main focus. So whether it's birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, or corporate events, etc...I've got your back.

Your baby's first year is filled with many "First's." From birth to tummy time, his/her first step, the very first bite of birthday cake...Through the grins, the giggles, and the tears, these fleeting moments ought to be documented.

Let me help you freeze organic moments in time, and preserve beautiful memories through photographs.

Creating images that trigger memories of the feelings you had in authentic moments is important to me.

I freeze the in-between moments in my frame. The moments that reflect the true essence of who you are- your love for your children, and your interaction together. I capture your kids' personalities artistically through photographs- the fearless authenticity of who they are at that age- as wild, quirky, shy, or sassy. Let's adventure together.